About us

Around here we know that coffee creates countless opportunities for various people. It has sparked new relationships and it has forged existing ones. It gives energy to the creative and gives the student a quiet place.

The conviction behind our company lies in building and sustaining relationships with the people (friends, family, new and familiar faces) around us while striving for excellence in the coffees we serve.

For us, this conviction begins with an acknowledgment to our history in the coffee industry. Despite the amazing growth of the coffee community, we still do hear about the barista who is inhospitable, despondent, crass or impolite. We hear about the coffee shop, as a whole, who are not welcoming and caring. And of course, we all started by drinking over roasted and poorly brewed coffees. 

That is our beginning. That is who we were and where we came from. The name Bad Coffee is a nod to the past. However, where we are heading is quite different and bad coffee is definitely the last thing we will be serving you.

Whether they come from Kenya, Costa Rica, Colombia, or Ethiopia, the coffees we pick out are carefully tasted and meticulously evaluated. While each coffee does have its own unique characteristics, we are not going to worry about that and make it over complicated. Appropriately roasted coffees that shine and taste delightful is what we are aiming for. 

In addition to connecting you with amazing coffees, we also want to offer great gear and apparel that is both fun and designed to reflect the quality of our coffees as well. 

So relax. Loosen up those shoulders. Drink some Bad Coffee. Let's be friends.


*If the name still bothers you, just think of us as the Deadpool or Suicide Squad of coffee.